Shipping and Returns


We ship anywhere within India and any other country globally, provided our Air cargo carrier OVERNITE EXPRESS LTD., has its services there.


Our accepted methods of payment are major Credit Cards, PayPal, Swift Bank Transfer, Demand Draft (only within India), Cash, and At-Par-Check (only within India)


Our minimum order quantity for all our products are mentioned on the site.


As soon as we book the consignment we will provide the website address and the consignment number enabling our valued customers to track their consignment.


All our products will be covered under Overseas Marine Transit Insurance. Incase our products is lost due to shipping or meet as accident than shall be recoverable for the Insurance company.


All orders are shipped through OVERNITE EXPRESS LTD., which is having service in almost all countries globally. Incase our customers have any kind of preference in selecting the shipping company we will forward the consignment but has to bear any price difference.


If the purchaser does not provide us with a complete proper address or if the purchaser requests the package to be delivered to another address and our shipping company charges us, the purchaser will be charged by the shipping company as per actual and has to pay on spot for delivery of the consignment.


All our products are Agriculture based and is fully depended on nature, therefore the delivery time/period shall be mutually discussed and agreed upon. Force Majure conditions applicable.

If the consignment is delayed due to the shipper negligence or any other act, than we will not pay any penalty to the customer, but will certainly take corrective actions against the shipper.


If in any case our product are damaged during the shipment due to shipper’s mistake or mishandling, than shall be replaced only after receiving insurance claims and if customers wants to cancel the consignment than a penalty of 10% of the total consignment cost shall be charged.

If our products are opened by custom or quarantine authorities, after providing all necessary clearance from India and eventually get damaged due to that, than we are not responsible.

It is also advised to all our customers to avail paid samples and there after, if our products are not confirming to the corresponding samples, than we will take back the consignment at a mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Customer will be held responsible for shipping costs to return consignment to us or to the point of origin.

All returns will be refunded, less restocking fees, within 30 days of our receipt of the returned consignment.